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Frozen Yogurt on a Summer Day

Jul 15, 2012 by No Comments

One thing that should be noted about me more than my love for eating – is my love for desserts, I have a sweet tooth that is relentless and the less I feed it, the more angry it becomes. On a hot Sunday after the dog park and long hike I was in need of something to cool off and shut my sweet tooth up, I am absolutely obsessed with these frozen yogurt places popping up all over the place but have had a few bad run ins with some as well.
I’m pleased to say Nella’s frozen yogurt wasn’t in that category – the store was squeaky clean, the selection was diverse, and the atmosphere friendly and welcoming (these are all important things). I went with raspberry frozen yogurt with fruit and chocolate toppings – YUM. It’s that simple – it was delicious and I was ready for more, unfortunately it is generally frowned upon to have two helpings in one sitting so I digressed.
The shop had a small lounge area with couches and chairs off to the side and then normal table and chair seating in the rest of the dining area, it was well lit, and had friendly employees that made sure you found what you were looking for. Another thing I should point out about this place that I absolutely LOVED – they have workout/fitness classes every day of the week M-F! How awesome is that? I can workout, burn calories, maybe even break a sweat – then completely wipe out the work I just did by eating all in one location? Sign me up. It’s important to know that these classes are $5 – but it’s more important to know that they are truly worth it, you get a good sweat and make some friends which is nice; I like when companies no matter how big or small contribute a little something to their communities (not necessarily money) but something that everyone can benefit from and participate in, this was just the thing.
Workout Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Boot Camp
Wednesday – Zumba
Friday – Butts & Guts
All classes from 9 – 10am and as previously mentioned $5 a class, and well worth it.
Website: Nellas Froyo
Multiple Locations
Pricing: $

To keep up with current specials and freebies – visit their face book page and give them a like
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