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Bennys Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar

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Benny Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar located at 301 E. 7th Ave in the heart one of Uptown is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Denver dining scene. The locally-owned Mexican joint that opened in 1987 is far better and more authentic than any of the major national Mexican restaurant chains. The walls are brightly colored and are decorated with Mexican items or paintings that give it a fun dining experience.
The first thing that will jump out at you is that it is cheap, I don’t believe there is a food item over $14 with almost everything costing around $10 and about 20 different combinations plates all at around $8. Don’t let the price fool you, the food quality is as good as you will find in town.
I think everyone’s favorite thing about going to a Mexican restaurant is the chips and salsa before the meal. I use it as a guide to how the meal is going to go. If the chips and salsa is bad, that almost prepares me for a bad entrée. I think this rule almost always comes to fruition, I don’t ever recall having horrible chips and salsa and the main course was amazing, or vice versa.
That said, Benny’s Chip and Salsa was amazing. The cilantro is prominent, but not overbearing. It has a nice mix of tomatoes, onions and jalapenos but is not out of control spicy. It’s homemade and the fresh taste is far superior to what you typically get in chain restaurants.
They have a few appetizers, but I would recommend just skipping them and ordering you main course. I decided to get a combo platter that included a beef enchilada, chicken taco and chicken crispy relleno. The sauce they use is a vegetarian sauce so most of combo plates could easily be consumed by vegetarians.
My first thought when the food arrived is that it was a lot of food. I knew there was no way I could consume everything so I decided to start with the relleno. It was a perfect mix of crispy, cheese and spicy. It was the best item on the plate. I next went to the beef enchilada. It was good, above average. Finally I made it to the chicken taco; this was a bit of disappointment. It could have been that I was already stuffed, or that the shell was soggy for sitting in the sauce or a blend of the two. I took a bite and decided to call it quits. Overall, it was one of the best meals I have had from a Mexican joint in a long time and I would highly recommend going next time you head tonight for a night of drinking on a Saturday night.
Make sure you get a margarita when you are there as well. They make and serve 350 gallons a week. I would image most places do not make that much in a month. They have a huge patio that wraps around a good portion of the building and serve breakfast on the weekends as well.
Bennys Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar
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