Bull and Bush Brewery Temporarily Closes Kitchen

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The Bull and Bush Brewery; located at 4700 Cherry Creek Drive South is currently doing renovations to the 41 year old kitchen. While there is construction on the kitchen, they will not be serving any food but The Tasting Room and Bar will remain open to serve drinks and their … READ MORE


2012 Annual Westword Dish

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Stella Artios presents the 18th annual Westword Dish; a night of dining, drinking and dancing. The event is September 6th, 2012 located at Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The night features samples from more than forty of Cafe Society’s favorite restaurants including Biker Jims, Crimson Canary, … READ MORE


August Giftcard Giveaway | Go Fish

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Here is our August Giftcard Giveaway. $25 to Go Fish located off of Broadway and First. To enter, all you have to do it like us on Facebook below.That is it, at the end of the month, we will select someone who has “Liked Us” and send them a READ MORE


Drinking in Downtown Littleton

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Downtown Littleton is only a few blocks long, but they have a nice selection of bars that include Dives, Sportbars and an Irish Pub. Here is a quick guide to the bars that are located in Downtown Littleton if ever find yourself in thirsty and walking down Main Street.

El Diablo and Sketch to re-open on Tuesday July 31st

El Diablo and Sketch to re-open on Tuesday July 31st

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The fight between the City of Denver and El Diablo looks like it will come to an end on Tuesday July 31st. A panel for the City of Denver ruled that both restaurants can reopen Tuesday pending resolution of a dispute over building safety measures.
Jesse Morreale, the owner … READ MORE

Tavern Littleton

The Tavern Littleton, Food and drinks on a Rooftop Patio

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The Tavern Littleton is located on the corner of Main Street and South Curtice Street is a true hidden gem. Now Iā€™m new to the cities and surrounding area so ā€“ hidden gem may take on different meanings for different people; I have a simple three point criteria 1) good … READ MORE

Bennys Chips and Salsa

Bennys Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar

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Benny Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar located at 301 E. 7th Ave in the heart one of Uptown is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Denver dining scene. The locally-owned Mexican joint that opened in 1987 is far better and more authentic than any of the major national … READ MORE

El Diablo remains Closed

El Diablo and Sketch remains Closed

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The future of El Diablo and Sketch remains up in the air. On Saturday, El Diablo was closed on what would normally be a busy night. The lights inside were dim and there was a notice posted on every window. It seems when the building that houses El Diablo and … READ MORE

Biker Jims on a Sunday Afternoon

Biker Jims on a Sunday Afternoon

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Biker Jims started out as a Hot Dog cart on 16th Street Mall a few years ago. The cart became so popular that it has been featured on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and a few other shows on the Food Network. The reason it became so popular is that … READ MORE

Nellas Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt on a Summer Day

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One thing that should be noted about me more than my love for eating ā€“ is my love for desserts, I have a sweet tooth that is relentless and the less I feed it, the more angry it becomes. On a hot Sunday after the dog park and long hike … READ MORE